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Judy, Dec 14, Madrid, but Canada, Japan and Korea all have pieces of my heart. Addicted to dramas, tv shows, music and too many pretty boys.

Photoshop beginner and will be for a long time! This used to be a kdrama blog but now it has evolved into a multifandom blog.

How sad is going to bed at 11pm? I had a cold for a few days, but now I’m on stage 3 and a have headache from all the coughing. I have been shopping since 9am with my mom and I’m exhausted! Sales are really not good your health!

Will answer everyone’s messages tomorrow, when I don’t feel like my eyeballs are going to come out everytime i cough xD


  1. joyfuls said: I hope u feel better soon Judy! :D
  2. nekoi said: Descansa, nena, y espero que te sientas mejor pronto :))) :*
  3. kocch said: I hope you get well soon! Have a goodnight :)
  4. paper-box said: Good night! Hope you feel better tomorrow :)
  5. dreamalley said: Toda la noche en la calle~ toda la noche en la calle~ quando llegue el nuevo dia dormiremos a la orilla del mar~
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